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Ed Sheeran’s Tattoos: Love Them or Hate Them?

The Most Intriguing Tattooed Man in the World

When it comes to Ed Sheeran’s massive collection of tattoos, which currently numbers in the 60s, people tend to feel very strongly about the pieces that cover the singer-songwriter’s body – they either love them or they hate them. If you find yourself in the “love” category, you’re in luck. After debuting the gigantic lion tattoo on his chest in 2015, Sheeran took to Twitter to reassure fans, writing (while eating a bowl of pasta), “It’s not the first weird tattoo I’ve got and it won’t be the last.”

Ed Sheeran tends to favor bright, bold colors when getting tattooed, and while some people say this makes him look like “a melted crayon,” the multi-colored ink also makes him stand out against other tattooed celebrities with mainly black and gray body art, like Justin Bieber, who also recently debuted a lion tat on his chest, by the way.

That infamous lion tattoo of Sheeran’s may have earned him the most furious backlash from his followers online, but it’s certainly not the strangest tattoo he has, not by far. The following are some Sheeran tattoos that, in our opinion, earn him the title of The Most Interesting (Tattooed) Man in the World.