Erotic Pinup Tattoo of Aaron Rodgers has Green Bay Packer Fans Up in Arms


Packers Fans Are Enraged by a 'Gay' Aaron Rodgers Tattoo

We've come across some unique fan tattoos throughout the years, especially when it comes to sports fans. Sports enthusiasts just tend to add another level of creativeness (to put it mildly) to the whole fan tattoo concept, and one Green Bay Packers fan may just have transcended to a whole 'nother level with their tattoo. A tattoo created by a Denver-based artist which depicts an erotic, Playgirl-esque image of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has cheeseheads melting across the Internets.

 Aaron Rodgers and Chance. Photo: Instagram

Aaron Rodgers and Chance. Photo: Instagram

Don't Really See Many Male Pinup Tattoos Out There

Last Friday (April 14), twenty-five-year tattoo veteran, Alisha Rice, proudly posted on Instagram a tattoo that she had done on one of her clients, captioning the image: "You aren't a #GreenBay fan, until you are an #AaronRodgers in a jockstrap pinup tattoo wearing fan." The tattoo features a male pin-up-like figure clad in a Green Bay Packers helmet and a crop-topped jersey bearing the number 12 on it – which is Rodgers' number – and the bottom half of the figure is solely covered by a pair of tube socks and a jockstrap flaunting his bare ass.

And, while the image of the tattoo did receive over a thousand likes and hundreds of positive comments, there are a large number of folks who didn't really appreciate the Packers' star quarterback rendered in an imagery that some are labeling as "gay."

Relaaaax. Take It Easyyy.

"Sorry to come off homophobic @alisharice," one Instagram user wrote, adding, "just the thought of imagining our favorite NFL players in that light & image is kind of disturbing. Then to ingrain it with ink on the body. Whoa..mindblowing. Thats all. Just not a fan." While another wrote, "What in tarnation is this gay ass sh*t? This is what y’all do up in Wisconsin? Don’t even look like his face and that helmet is severely f**ked. This some homo ass sh*t."

However, the tattoo did receive hundreds of positive and supportive comments. One user praised the tattoo, saying, "Love love love it!!! As a gay football fan myself I fully support this. Women are tattooed in pin up fashion all the time and there's no outrage...Beautiful work!" And another user even showed love to Rice's client, saying, "The person who got this is my hero and I absolutely love it!"

This Little Guy's Packing

Posting a video of the tattoo earlier this week on Instagram, Rice responded to the naysayers with the following caption: "I'd like to to thank the Internet and the bloggers that brought homophobic football fans and armchair tattoo critiques to my door. I am happy with the results and so is the client. You may not understand why someone would want a hunky football player tattoo, but tattooing is personal. This tattoo is a celebration of identity, home, and team. That's it! Hate and bigotry are not welcome here."