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Everything You Need to Know About Finger Tattoos

Considering a hand or finger tattoo? We talked to our experts and comprised this comprehensive list of "do's and don'ts".

Read These Facts Before You Commit

Are you considering a finger tattoo?

Hand tattoos are nothing new - if you've ever been to an Indian wedding, they're actually pretty traditional. As more and more trend-setters are being seen here and there with their digits inked up, the popularity of finger ink has been skyrocketing.

You may have noticed celebs like Rihanna, who sports a henna-style spread around her right hand, absolutely destroying the badass factor in the look. Other ladies with great finger tats include Beyonce and Miley Cyrus.

What you probably didn't know is that many consider it to be a major problem area for tattoo artists and you alike. We've done some research talking with our experts and put together a few things you absolutely MUST know before getting a finger tattoo.

Source: Inkedmag

Source: Inkedmag

Source: Inkedmag