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Fall In Love with Lyudmila Ziora and Her Tattoo Work

A Jaw-Dropping Beauty Creating Awe-Inspiring Tattoos

Lyudmila Ziora has got two highly coveted attributes. She's drop dead gorgeous, and she can sling some mean ink. The Moscow-based model/tattoo artist has blessed the Internets with tons of photos from her modeling career as well as photos of her tattoo portfolio, and Inked got ahold of some of these photos! And, we're happy to share them with y'all. All's you gotta do is keep scrolling. Yup, it's that easy.

Photo: Instagram.

Photo: Instagram.

Photos: Instagram.

A Dip in the Pool After a Long Day in the Shop

Every hard-working artist needs some down time.

Bold Like an Eagle

This eagle's eye will captivate you instantly.

Morbid Yet Beautiful

As realism is Lyudmila's preferred style, her attention to detail make her pieces look extremely realistic.

Sick Iron Man!

A tattoo awesome enough for a superhero.

Is Your Tattoo Artist This Hot?

Bet you they're not!

Rad Skull Piece!

This is the first piece of a sleeve that Lyudmila began working on last summer.

Fear the Predator!

It almost looks like the Predator is bound to hop off the skin and hunt you down.

Simply Beautiful

The water droplet really took this lighthouse tattoo to a whole 'nother level.

Probably Thinking of her Next Amazing Tattoo

We bet her next tattoo was awesome, too.

Absolutely Breathtaking

Just like her tattoo work.

She's Nice with a Tattoo Machine

Awesome horror piece!


A back piece that Lyudmila's working on featuring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Avert Your Eyes if You're a Good Christian

[Clutches Bible]

Details are A-1

The details behind this portrait brought it all together. Lyudmila says that she's still working on this piece.

Giving You a Closer Look

She nailed this morph tattoo.

Scary But Awesome as F--k!

This piece is incredibly horrifying ... but in a good way!

She Does Custom Designs Too

The talented artist doesn't simply copy portraits off a photograph. She blesses some pieces with her own creativity—like this awesome piece.

The Trick is in Getting the Eyes Just Right

The eyes on this piece are hypnotizing.

Gorgeous Tattoo

The mixture of the blues and gray made for a beautiful piece.

Another Great Morph Tat

You get the point right about now—the girl's got mad skills!

But, Here's Another Sexy Shot of Lyudmila Before You Go!

You're welcome.