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Get Right with Vany Vicious' Workout Plan

Or you can just ogle her pics...

Sweat It Out With These 18 Steamy Pics of Vany Vicious

Vany Vicious has one of the finest physiques out there. From her tight stomach, to her toned arms and legs, and all the way to her firm backside, every inch of her inked body is a sight to behold. However, Vany herself will tell you that in order to get — and maintain — a body like hers, you gotta put in that work!

Recently, Lady Vicious gave us exclusive access to one of her private workout sessions to show us all how to get results at the gym. Flip through the photo gallery below and get schooled by Vany Vicious on how it's done.

 Photo: Courtesy of Vany Vicious

Photo: Courtesy of Vany Vicious