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Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have a little kink inside of us. Whether you're loud and proud of it, or haven't discovered it quite yet, here at Inked Mag, we salute whatever crazy moves you like in bed. We've met guys who like to be dominated, countless furries, women who are obsessed with giantesses, and plenty of people who love to get in on in public. We even know a bunch of people that will get tattoos because of the whole pain thing.

Now you might think that this particular girl seems to find her self in that specific category, and maybe deep down you're right. But after speaking to her about this now viral video, the story is actually extremely heartwarming.

Danelle getting tattoo

Source: YouTube @Printessa

Meet Danelle Hanna.


She's a mother of three who is going through an incredibly difficult time in her life. After giving birth to her third child, Danelle began developing a condition where her heart swelled to over two times its normal size. It's not clear if her condition was fatal, from the stories we've read, it's extremely difficult to condition to ramify.

Once In a Lifetime


Trying to enjoy the time that she has left, Danelle and a friend attended a tattoo convention in San Antonio, Texas, and met an artist named Rooster. She explained to him her situation and Rooster related to her, having heart problems of his own. He then made a selfless act and offered a tattoo of her choice and Danelle accepted! She chose an enormous one to cover the scars from her abdomen.

Dark and Angry


Understandably, she wanted something “dark and angry” to symbolize the hard times she was enduring and she picked a red and black ram looking creature. You can then see the video of Rooster working on her most sensitive area. We can tell we would get along with Danelle after she curses out some expletives and then says, “Well, at least I'll die pretty"... Way to keep the situation light!

Good Guy Rooster


Not only did Rooster give Danelle her dream tattoo for free, he then offered free touch-ups and gave her “a list of vitamins and foods” that he said would be beneficial to her heart condition. What a stand-up guy wouldn't you say?

A New Life!

Danelle mentioned that Rooster's act of kindness helped prompt her to start meditating, exercising, eating and drinking healthily. Lo and behold, Danelle has made a slow but steady recovery. Let us know what you think about this video and be sure to SHARE this story!