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Graphic Designer Adds Tattoos and Beards to Some of Your Favorite Characters

20 of Your Favorite Characters Bearded and Tatted the F-ck Up!

Malaysian graphic designer, Ephrem Rokk, much like us, seems to have a penchant for fictional characters, beards and tattoos. The designer has built up a portfolio of artwork where he revamps some of the most memorable characters from comic books, TV and film, tatting them up and slapping beards on them. What comes out of the creative fusion is an awesome collection of graphics that's got a lot of his 47,000 Instagram followers requesting that Rokk produce more t-shirts with his designs, and some are even getting the sketches of the edgy characters tattooed on themselves.

Flip through the photo gallery below to see 20 of Rokk's designs, which include a tatted up Yoda and an inked Chicana Wonder Woman.