Freak Out: Guy Loses It When He Gets Tattooed

This guy cannot handle getting tatted.

Zero Pain Tolerance

People have different levels of pain tolerance. When it comes to tattoos, some people can't handle the pain, while others can hardly feel the needle. I've even seen people having orgasms while getting tattooed.

The point is, everyone is different. One boy, Stephen, is very different. On a scale of one to ten, Stephen's pain tolerance level is a zero. He probably should have taken that into consideration before he completely humiliated himself at a tattoo shop.

Stephen is so cool, that he brought his mother and little brother with him to the tattoo shop. Luckily, his little brother got the whole thing on video.

kid getting tattoo screaming

Source: YouTube @wafflepwn

Source: YouTube @wafflepwn

Epic Freak Out

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