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Horribly Infected Tattoos Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Warning! Insanely gross images ahead!

Warning! Gross images ahead!

We all know that tattoo after care is crazy important. While some people do antibacterial soap and bacitracin, I do a mild, um, feminine wash followed by just some straight up lotion. We all have different methods to keep that color bright, lines in tact, and most of all, not get a gross infection that will not only hurt, but permanently mess up your art.

However, sometimes it's not the aftercare that causes infection: It's the unsanitary conditions of the shop. Or kitchen. There are certain things in life you should never skimp out on, like cheap plastic surgery or cheap tattoos.

Courtesy of the ever entertaining Live Leak, we present to you one of the worst infections from a tattoo ever. That uses toenail clippers to "fix." Enjoy!

two shots of horribly infected tattoo video

Source: Live Leak

Source: Live Leak

Git 'er done!

You should NEVER EVER use nail clippers on ANYTHING but your nails. Do NOT attempt to fix any infection at home. It is no worth the scarring and further infection.

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