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How She Transformed a 1963 Trailer into a Tattoo Parlor

The First Mobile Tattoo Shop!

"I think I've always loved tattoos," Afzal shares in a recent interview with the Huffington Post. 26 year old Shanzey Afzal is making a name for herself by paving a way for women in the male dominated tattoo world. Shantey's love of tattoos sprouted from doing henna tattoos. A prominet part of her Pakistani culture.

“Doing henna made me love the permanence of tattoos,” she said. “I would always put lemon juice and honey to make the stain darker and make it stay longer and fade slower.”

Shanzey's love for henna led bigger aspirations to bloom, which led her to start working as a tattoo artist when she was 21. She began a tattoo apprenticeship with two male advisers after leaving a job in the music industry in 2013.