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If Tiny Tattoos Are Your Thing Then Tattooist Doy Will Blow Your Mind

From Thumb-Sized Portraits to Detailed Fabric Patterns

Tiny tattoos are all the rave amongst celebutantes these days. From the Jenner sisters to Hailey Baldwin, Zoe Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, and many others, the paparazzi magnets have been adorning their bodies with miniature tats. While most of the aforementioned celebs have been going to local U.S.-based artists, it might not hurt them to travel abroad in search of their next tattoo—more specifically to Seoul, Korea, where a tattoo artist by the name Doy is creating some of the most amazing tiny tattoos you'll ever lay eyes on.

Tattoo by Doy.

Tattoo by Doy.

Tattoo by Doy.

You Can Almost See Every Strand of Thread in the Fabric

A Lovely Swallow

This Tiny Elephant was Hand-Poked

Matching Love Trees

May Not Sink a Ship, But it Will Drop Your Jaw

Beautiful Floral Pieces

Doy Does Cover Ups, Too

Cute Hand-Poked Hamburger!

For the Gamers Out There

And Something for the Music Lovers

His Fabric Pieces Are So Sick!

The Placement for this Freesia is Everything

This Tiny Pup Portrait Will Give You the Feels

No Worries, Cat People, Doy's Got You Covered, Too

For Those of You With a Sweet Tooth

Loving the Color Work on this Triangle!

Dare to Jump Down the Rabbit Hole

Unleash the Fire Within