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Inked Crush: 10 Mesmerizing Images of Shawna Naysia

What're you waiting for? Fire up that photo gallery!

10 Photos That Will Have You Crushin' On Shawna Naysia!

The make up artist/professional alternative model formerly known as Shawna Crenshaw has been on our radar for some time now. Covered in portrait tattoos of iconic figures like Malcolm X, Maya Angelou and Tupac Shakur, the Cali girl – who now goes by Shawna Naysia – has some of the illest black and grey work we've ever seen on anyone. Oh, yeah, and all of that awesome ink lies on her smokin'-hot, curvaceous frame. So there's also that.

Flip through our photo gallery below, and behold the tattooed beauty that is Shawna Naysia. We guarantee you'll be crushin' on her just as much as we are.

 Photo: Karlee Jane

Photo: Karlee Jane

Aaliyah Tattoo

Photo: Edwin Villanueva

She's known for her tattoos of iconic figures, but the Aaliyah tattoo placed on her left, supple thigh looks amazing. So identical!

Golden Girl

Photo: Aaron Falzone

Shawna looks flawless donned in that gold paint. The way the sun sets on her sweet, caramel complexion really brings out the hues.

Big Back

Photo: Herm The Photographer

Is that school bus? Well, in the words of Trick Daddy, it needs to "pull over, that ass is too fat!"

Tupac Tattoo

Photo: Allen Daniel

I spy Tupac! He, along with a few other iconic figures, including Wu-Tang's infamous 'W' symbol.

Maya Angelou Tat

Photo: Shawn Ellis (Studio Deuce)

Maya Angelou just chillin' and flourishing on Shawna's left thigh as she props it up for all to see.

Biggie Tattoo

It's the king! And it's pretty dead-on, if you ask me.

Mean Green

Photo: A.M.T. Imagery

See what I mean! She looks meeeean in green! And her tattoo of legendary Eazy-E is shining on her stomach.


Photo: Aaron Falzone

Now I must say: That is one, sexy leg. Actually, it's the sexiest tatted leg I've ever seen.

Skater Girl

Photo: Jam-X

She. does. no. wrong.

Crenshaw Queen

Photo: im.a.shooter.

She even makes a sexy, Crenshaw-esque lumberjack.