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Inked Crush: 10 Titillating Photos of Stephanie Marazzo

Flip through the gallery to see her hot and NSFW-esque photos.

10 Tantalizing Shots of Stephanie Marazzo

Stephanie Marazzo's got curves for days, and the amazing tattoos that cover her sensational figure only adds to her allure. Unabashed by pushing the limits of sexual fantasies in her photos, the Central Jersey girl quickly gained traction in the tattoo modeling biz, and a scroll through her photos will make it evident why she's been in high-demand for years.

Flip through the gallery below featuring some hot—and at times NSFW-esque—photos of Stephanie Marazzo.

 Photo: Ewan Phelan

Photo: Ewan Phelan

Magazine Girl

You may have seen Stephanie in publications such as Inked Girls Magazine, Urban Ink Magazine, Elegant Magazine, and Frame Magazine.

Affiliated Girl

She's also affiliated with H2Ocean Models and Black Market Art Clothing & Apparel.

Small Town Girl

Stephanie was born and raised in a small town in Central New Jersey. where she grew up with family and friends. She got her first tattoo at 18 years old and soon fell in love with the art.

Sex Appeal

From then on, tattoos became her thing, and now, her body is covered in sexy tattoos. She's got true sex appeal and her body art is amazing—photographers love working with her.

Simple Girl

Though she gives nothing but the sexiest photos, she feels her sexiest when she's not all dolled up.

"I'm kind of a casual sexy kind of girl. I think I look best with a little makeup, loose curls, and just a simple outfit or simple lingerie. The sexiest thing about my outfit should be that it's on me after all," she said in an interview.

Clothes in Bed

But when it's time to get in bed, she's not that partial to a lot of clothing. "Typically, I sleep in shorts and an oversized t-shirt or tank top," she said.

Dating Status

Speaking of the bed, she has more than her devil cats as company. Sorry to break the news to you guys, but Stephanie Marazzo is taken.

Comfortable Girl

That's not the only way she likes to be with her man when they're laying down. "And my top leg tucked up behind his knees, throw in a few kisses on his shoulder blades and I'm down for the count. Ridiculously comfortable," she continued.

The Perception

Stephanie weighed in with her thoughts on the perception of tattooed models:

"I don't consider myself to be a 'tattooed model' as I work in a variety of settings that don't necessarily have anything to do with having tattoos, but I do understand that there is sometimes a negative stigma hovering over the tattooed community. I myself have never felt discriminated against for my ink, but there are plenty of people who have been looked at or treated as though they are 'less worthy' of respect because of their tattoos. I obviously don't agree with the idea that having a tattoo makes you a certain type of person. It's ridiculous to assume that about anyone."

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