INKED CRUSH: Brazilian Fitness Model Leticia Alonso


One look at Brazilian fitness model, Leticia Alonso, is enough to leave you breathless for a few seconds. Her images have captivated approximately 1.5 million followers on Instagram, as the model often poses jaw-dropping images of herself clad in short dresses, bikinis and, in some of her more spicier images, the São Paulo-based model is seen topless, letting the girls fly freely, with nothing but her long, blonde tresses covering them up ... barely.

Start up the photo gallery below to see more breathtaking photos of Leticia Alonso.

 Photo: Leticia Alonso/Instagram

Photo: Leticia Alonso/Instagram

Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Keep Scrolling!

As you can see, Leticia is quite the showstopper when she's in a bikini ... which is quite often, as she enjoys spending her days by the pools and beaches near São Paulo.

A little teaser for what's to come

Good gawd! Leticia even looks hot when she's just lying around the house in her undies!

"Pillow talk!" Leticia's got us channeling Zayn Malik up in here!

Lovin' those sweet sugar skull pillows, though.

Lady in red

Red, is a very emotionally and intense color. It increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure. But, Leticia in red, just ups the ante.

She looks great in all colors

Seen as a fitness muse, it's obvious why she's garnered such a huge following on social media.

We're always down for nap time

It would always be a good time for a nap if Leticia is waiting for us on our beds.

The Money Shot!

Sir Mix-a-Lot ain't even ready for this!

What can we say? We love her in red!

Another shot of Leticia in red. Because, why the hell not?

A little R&R never hurt anybody ... but it can stop your hearts a little!

That's it! We're all quitting our jobs to become professional masseurs!

Toast to the good life

Leticia is known for popping bottles of bubbly poolside, which makes us love her even more.

Beauty and the beach

Leticia often trades the poolside for seaside.

A scenic view

What... a... view!

The look that will drive you wild!

Leticia has curves for days.

Putting in that werk!

Attaining and maintaining Leticia's sexiness requires lots of hours in the gym.

Life is a beach

In Leticia's world, life is definitely a beach, and we love watching her playing in the sand.