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INKED CRUSH: Oye Locaa and Her Tremendous CULO!

Lose Your Mind with Oye Locaa’s Booty

Pitbull's 2004 hit song "Culo" comes to mind when looking at Oye Locaa. Hailing from Manteca, California, the tattooed girl with plenty of manteca in her trunk is a sight to see. The 5'3" curvaceous beauty says that she enjoys walking around in sexy lingerie and taking pics of herself, which she happily shares on her Instagram. Her hypnotizing green eyes and long black hair will pull you in, and her ginourmous booty will leave you mesmerized.

 Photo: Oye Locaa/Instagram

Photo: Oye Locaa/Instagram

What A Magnificent Angle!

Big and Beautiful

Live and in Your Face!

Her Booty Isn't Her Only Sexy Asset

She Also Has a Beautiful Face, BTW.

Que Viva Mexico!

Simply Gorgeous

But Back to the Booty, Though

What a Cheeky Dance!

Not Sure Who 'Ben' is, But He Sure is One Lucky Fellow

Hate To See You Go, But Love To Watch You Leave

But Before You Go, Can We Get Another Cheeky Dance, Please?