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INKED CRUSH: There's Something About Tawny

Tawny Taylor's Got the Whole Package: Body-Art, Beauty and Plenty of Booty

Tawny Taylor first caught this writer's attention when she posted her now infamous wet Brooklyn t-shirt photo – which you can peep below – on Instagram a couple of years back. Since then, the lovely Ms. Taylor has grounded jaws the world 'round with an onslaught of steaming-hot photos of her curvaceously sexy, inked body and her captivatingly beautiful mug.

Recently, Tawny posted a couple of more photos that made us all fall in a trance once again. And, since we're the type that like to pay it forward, we brought together the ultimate collection of photos of Tawny Taylor. You can thank us later.

 Tawny's got curves for days. Photo: Instagram.

Tawny's got curves for days. Photo: Instagram.

Like An Old School Porn Flick

Lights, camera and plenty of action!

Pouty Lips are the Hottest

Pucker up and get ready for all that Tawny's got to offer.

Bedtime Fun!

Anyone would be thrilled to come home to this at the end of the day.

What... A... View!

The beach looks nice, too.

Tremendous CULO!

You'll need a few extra pairs of hands to fully take hold of Tawny.

Up for a Nice Dip in the Pool?

We see it, too, Tawny.

Late Night Chill on the Park Bench

Some late night fun in the park.

Blurred Beauty

Tawny's beauty is captured even in a blurred image.

Our First Draft Pick

No bull.

Beautiful Like a Flower in a Garden

A prize-winning flower.


Tawny is too radiant even for her own eyes.

Those Eyes!

Here eyes will have you hypnotized.

Booty, Booty, Booty

Enough to satiate your thirst.

Bull Ready to Strike

How does the adage go: "Mess with the bull and you'll get horny"? Or something like that.

Drown in Her Asset

Lose yourself in Tawny's curves.

Face the Strange ... And Sexy

Ink with attitude.

Just a Peek!

A sneak peek to get your imaginations going.

Sexy Lady in Red

Everything is hotter in red.

Nice and Wet

Cold shower, anyone?


Toasting to the good life!