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Killer Clowns Tattoos Are a Creepy New Craze That We Absolutely Hate

Creepy clowns are totally a thing in the tattoo world right now. They're classic horror, they're iconic, and they downright scare the pants off some people.

You may make a few enemies with a tattoo like this

If you suffer from coulrophobia, you might have a hard time getting through this gallery, unless you're also masochistic. There's quite a few people among us who are deathly afraid of clowns, and some people love getting tattoos of frightening-looking clowns just to give those types of people the creeps. I don't see what the big deal is; clowns just want to make you smile by doing a few tricks like making balloon animals, doing magic tricks, slashing the throats of scared teens in the middle of the night.... okay, maybe clowns are very scary.

american horror story clown tattoo

Source: Instagram @henrich_sevela

Source: Instagram @henrich_sevela