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Lua Stardust is a Cosplay Deviant


Her Cosplays Will Have Your Heart Racing

Cosplay model,Lua Stardust, is a hit at every comic con she attends. Fanboys come from near and far and stand in long lines for a chance to meet their costumed dream girl. Dressing up in an assortment of popular characters from comic books, anime, and popular TV and film series, Lua has amassed a large following and plenty of social media attention for her unique and spicy costumes, which has us geeks pulling for our inhalers. And, if that weren't enough, for those who are also into inked girls, she's got some nice tats, too.

On this fine Hump Day, we've compiled a batch of photos of the Suicide Girl dressed in some of her sexiest cosplay outfits, which are sure to get your jaws dropping and your blood pumping.

Photo: Ron Gejon Photography.

Photo: Ron Gejon Photography.

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