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Mike's Harder Cans By Lalo

Lalo's sickest sleeve might just be one of the designs wrapped around Mike's Harder cans. To launch their Tennessee Barrel Lemonade, in style, the hip folks at Mike's Harder tapped Lalo Yunda (of Ink Master fame) to adorn their vessels.

"Tattoo culture embraces the fact that the riskiest artwork is both painful and permanent, and Harder has an incredible respect for that mentality," said Sanjiv Gajiwala, vice president of marketing, Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. "By collaborating with artists like Lalo Yunda, we're asking Harder fans to push conventional boundaries by going even harder–not only with bold, intricate tattoo designs but as they live their truth out loud every day."

To celebrate the limited-time run of Lalo's ink-inspired cans there was a party in LA and one at his Brooklyn shop House of Monkey Tattoo where the man himself inked one of the party-goers. You can see some of that tattoo session and our video interview with Lalo on our Facebook Page. He likened the process of designing the can to sketching out a tattoo that wraps around a body part.

"Many years ago, tattoo designs were incredibly basic and a one-shot, simple design. With the evolution of both technology and the craftsmanship of this art form, tattoo designs have become much more complex and sophisticated," says Lalo. "Tattooing is one of the biggest art revolutions in history, and over the course of the next few years, collecting tattoos will be of the same caliber as collecting fine artwork."

Check out the artistry and the revelry in the slideshow including exclusive flash created by Lalo.