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Military Ink: U.S. Air Force Relaxes Their Tattoo Policy

Tattoos have long been associated with the armed forces in one way or another and now the Air Force is embracing it!

The U.S. Military is opening its mind to your ink!

Finally, some good news! For all you ink lovers who've thought about joining the Air Force but were deterred by their strict policies about body art, it seems that the times are finally changing. The U.S. Air Force just announced that they're lightening up on the tattoo restrictions for service men—and it's a pretty big change!

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Source: Instagram @blackpearltattooco; @rodney_eck

Source: Instagram @blackpearltattooco; @rodney_eck

It Gets Better

"Authorized areas" previously included the chest, back, legs, torso, etc. In other words,—anything that would be covered by a military uniform—but even that has been relaxed a bit!


The press release also assured current airmen and women that any previously approvals on tattoos would remain approved when the new rules went into effect on February 1, 2017!