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Instagram Crush: Miss Psycho Cat

Inked put together a photo gallery of the blue-haired, blue-eyed, and all-around beautiful pin-up model Miss Psycho Cat. Feast your eyes on this purrrfect girl!

You'll never get this girl out of your mind

Miss Psycho Cat is absolutely stunning. The turquoise-haired Serbian pin-up model has a penchant for 1950s fashion which is evident in the collection of photos found on her Instagram. Her flair for vintage style has even garnered her features in many pin-up publications. However, to Cat it's not simply about "the look," it goes way deeper for the Belgrade-based model.

"I’m someone who always loved to experiment with fashion, but there was no specific style that could 'hold me in.' But, from the first time I discovered and tried this [style] that I am [using] today, I fell in love," the pin-up model born Minja Cvetković says on her Facebook, adding, "It went so far that I dedicated my graduate and master thesis to this field of research, and it became much more than just a part of my life. For me, this is not just about clothes, hair and makeup. Of course, these are all very important parts of vintage/'50s/pin-up look that I love and embrace on a daily basis, but above all, it’s a way of living and it’s my way to express femininity, sex appeal and confidence."

Start up the photo gallery below to check out the beautiful Miss Psycho Cat in all her 1950s pin-up glory.

 Photo: Miss Psycho Cat/Instagram

Photo: Miss Psycho Cat/Instagram