Paris and Prince Jackson Debut Sweet Matching Tattoos


Prince is the Yin to Paris' Yang

Matching tattoos have long been a cool way for two (or three, or four) BFFs or family members to display their love and devotion for one another—and Paris and Prince Jackson just continued in that tradition with an awesome twist on the whole matching tattoo deal.

Paris Jackson has racked up dozens and dozens of tattoos since turning 18 last year – her brother Prince right by her side for many of them – and the Jackson siblings just went under the needle together again this week, celebrating their close bond with matching yin and yang tattoos. Prince’s tattoo, inked on the back of his left calf, features the black “yin” symbol with a white circle at the bottom, while Paris’ tattoo, inked in the same spot on her right leg, features the white “yang” symbol with a black circle at the top.

Fire up the photo gallery below to see their matching ink!

 Paris and Prince Jackson. Photo: Paris Jackson/Instagram

Paris and Prince Jackson. Photo: Paris Jackson/Instagram