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Ryan Ashley Malarkey: Ink Master's First Lady

Bow in the presence of greatness. Ryan Ashley Malarkey became the first female winner of Spike’s Ink Master after eight seasons and succeeded at what dozens in her position had hoped to attain on the preeminent tattoo competition show. Before she won over America and legendary tattoo artist, Oliver Peck, Malarkey was a fashion designer and the owner of the Strange and Unusual Oddities shop with a mere five years of tattooing under her belt. However, despite the odds posed against her, Malarkey used raw talent, fearless ambition and what proved to be the unstoppable power of an all-female alliance to prove to the judges, as well as the nation, that she was the top tattooer of Season Eight. Malarkey is an artist who has shown that she can adapt in any situation, which is why the tattoo industry and fans alike should stay tuned to her next tattoos and moves.

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Ryan Ashley Inked Magazine Cover

Credit: Mark Mann