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With our culture's constant celebrity followings—especially with their sometimes true, mostly staged, and most-likely heartbreaking love—it’s not a surprise we become invested in the tattoos they get together as a unit, as well as the ones of faded love, that they cover up with fresh ink.

With Hollywood's constant reassurance that "true love is forever," our society's couple-tattoo trend make sense. But a happy ending doesn’t require a tattoo for/with your significant other. A happy ending doesn't even require a cover-up tattoo. What if it calls for you both closing the chapter with a tattoo, together?


About 90 percent of people in the U.S. get married by the time they're 50-years old, but the divorce rate is still 40-50%.

While many people still tend to view divorce as a "failure" or a “closed chapter,” celebrating the opening of a new door, post divorce, seems to be more worth the ink.

So, can divorce be something worth celebrating? 


Say No To The Dress, Say Yes to the Ink

As Louis CK says, "Someday, one of your friends is gonna get divorced, it's gonna happen. Don't go, 'ohhhh I'm sorry.' That's a stupid thing to say… divorce is always good news. No good marriage has ever ended in divorce."

CK is an open fan of divorce, saying it’s the best part of marriage, because “every year has been better tan the last.”


"I'm not saying don't get married. If you meet somebody, fall in love and get married. Then get divorced. Because that's the best part,” CK says.

“Divorce is forever! Marriage is for how long you can hack it. But divorce just gets stronger like a piece of oak. Nobody ever says 'oh, my divorce is falling apart, it's over, I can't take it.'"

Without falling into every one of Louis CK’s footsteps, there absolutely is substance to his comedic claim, and one divorcees should take to the tattoo shop.

There are numerous reasons why people get divorced: from the amical to the ugly. However, harnessing this should be an empowering and inspiring thing.


Looking for a partner to get a couple tattoo is LEFT BEHIND. Divorce tattoos? All the rage.

Some divorce tattoos are in the spirit of heartbreak, confusion, and soul-searching—which are incredibly important, valid, and understandable reasons for wanting a tattoo to symbolize that.

However, many divorce tattoos are in the spirit of freedom and moving on. Most importantly, they highlight that while you might have lost a spouse, you might have, in turn, gained a friend. A friend that has weathered “marriage” storms with you, and one with a unique bond.


Say yes to the divorce tat.

Why tattoo your wedding date when you can tattoo your divorce date?


#Marriage Before and After...


Shine on you crazy diamond.


Wedding-band line work as shaky as the marriage ♥


The key-and-heart-locket tattoo would be much more rad if you had the key to your own damn heart.


The only way out is through.


No, you really don't. Not with unrealistic, traditional marriage-standards anyway.


"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."


Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of transformation. Birds can signify carrying the good times with us, as we fly on our own.


You deserve to move on.


While the process might be a climb, it is well worth the view.


A love-cynic argues that people who get married are afraid to be alone. A divorcee might argue that their strength to be alone, comes from being in a marriage.


Most importantly, you're stuck with yourself forever... whether or not 'til death do you part. Be comfortable with your own silence, and soon, you'll enjoy it.