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Little inked ladies

Women who bare tattoos are sexy as hell no matter how big or small. But let's be honest: The bigger the sexier. Especially side tattoos. There's nothing sexier than a woman with some sexy ink traveling down her side. We love women who use their bodies as canvasses for art. In fact, we love them so much that we've gathered a slideshow of the sexiest women baring the sexiest side tattoos you've ever seen. From small to gigantic, these side tattoos are like, the sexiest ever.

brittany side tattoo

Source: Instagram @itsbrittanyhetzer

Source: Instagram @itsbrittanyhetzer

Peacock'n It

The colors are so vibrant in this tattoo! The peacock is perfectly aligned with the curves from her butt to thigh.

Foxy Ink

She's a fox with a fox on her thigh. Makes sense. Not to mention, she wants to make American rage again. Misty Mason is so ill!

Legend Ink

With a full leg of legends of horror, these are pretty much the scariest tattoos I've ever see.

Source: Instagram @inked


There's a lot going on in this tattoo, but it looks really good on her. And she found the perfect underwear to show it off.

Source: Instagram @inked


There's nothing like having a sexy tattoo that an double as a tribute to your culture. Looks dope.

Source: Instagram @inked


Her pieces look very random but still put together. And we don't know who the woman is but does it really matter? Gorgeous.

Source: Instagram @inked


Another one showing tribute to her culture. Love how the om is hanging low and still a part of the piece. Genius.

Source: Instagram @_cutegirlytattoos


Are those roses red? They might as well be. The look like they're growing from her thigh.

Source: Instagram @_cutegirlytattoos


This one is very interesting. It's so bold and defined. It totally looks unreal—in a good way.

Source: Instagram @_cutegirlytattoos


The definition of this piece is insane. It's very interesting. Just try not to look directly into its eyes. You may never be the same.

Source: Instagram @_cutegirlytattoos


We're more than sure she won't be having any nightmares and all of her dreams caught will come true.

Source: Instagram @tattooinkspiration


It's your basic rose tattoo but that doesn't take away from its sexiness. These roses are rad.

Source: Instagram @babeswithtats


For one who loves music, this is amazing. I wonder if those melodic notes are accompanied with an actual song. Hmm..