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Instagram Crush: Spicy Pics of Natasha Thomsen

She's one of the sexiest girls you can find on Instagram and she knows it. Check out Natasha Tomsen and all she has to offer!

15 Smokin'-Hot Photos of Natasha Thomsen

We found another Insta-hottie!

Natasha Thomsen is the epitome of a blond bombshell. The Denmark-based tattooed model and photographer has an Instagram profile full of self-portraits which encompass all of the sexy hot Dane's natural beauty and bountiful assets, and which have thus far attracted just about 3 million followers if you include her second IG profile, which already has nearly 250,000 followers.

Flip through the photo gallery below and feast your eyes on this Danish treat.

Source: Instagram @natasha_k_t

Photo: Natasha Thomsen/Instagram