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Spurs’ Dejounte Murray Explains Weird Shoulder Tattoo … Sort Of

Dejounte is a 'Savage'

If you’ve never seen the tattoo San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray has inked on his shoulder, count your blessings. The odd piece has become the subject of quite the debate on Twitter, with the ink being likened to everything from Reptile, a character from the video game Mortal Kombat, to the now-famous honey bun that bore a striking resemblance to E.T. Murray recently gave an explanation for this quagmire of a tattoo, and it kind of makes sense … sort of.

San Antonio Spurs point guard, Dejounte Murray, is sporting one odd shoulder tattoo. Photo: San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs point guard, Dejounte Murray, is sporting one odd shoulder tattoo. Photo: San Antonio Spurs.

What Is It, Though?

Whatever the actual design of Dejounte Murray’s tattoo was meant to be, the world is in agreement on one point at least: it’s absolutely horrendous. We first spotted Murray’s tattoo during the last five minutes of the Western Conference Finals game between the Spurs and the Golden State Warriors, when the camera zoomed in on the rookie point guard, who as of recent is seeing more court time because of a knee injury to Tony Parker, and everyone got a clear look at the inexplicable ink. Located on his right shoulder, Murray’s tattoo looks like a cross between an unmasked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a grill, and those weird Madball rubber balls with hideous faces that were popular in the ‘80s. In fact, if we had to choose a Madball that most closely resembled Dejounte Murray’s tattoo, it would be Slobulus, an ugly green creature with one eye hanging from the socket and stitches all over his face.

The Internets Are Savege AF!

Needless to say, the Internet has had a field day roasting Murray for his god-awful shoulder tattoo. Instagram user @osul5109 commented that the ink “kinda looks like IT the clown,” while Twitter user @NonFiction23 suggested that Murray’s tat be added to the NBA ban list. Even CBS Sports got in on the fun, teasing Murray about his tattoo in a photo posted to their Instagram account, and the point guard actually commented with what he considered an explanation of the ink, writing, “it’s a mean face cause I’m a SAVAGE!!!!!!!” Well, that explains it.

It's Nothing a Cover Up Can't Fix

The “savage” ink on his shoulder isn’t Murray’s only tattoo, although it’s definitely his worst. He also has the words “Gods” and “Gift” inked on his right and left biceps, and a large letter “S” and “W” on the inside of his right forearm, plus tattoos on his wrists, on the backs of his hands, and on his right shin. Luckily for Murray, tattoo artists are making strides in the cover up game. May we recommend the Pringles logo?