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Tattooed by Bed Bugs

This man makes a tattoo gun from 1,000 bed bugs!

This is crazy!

When people are waffling on whether or not to get a tattoo, two highly cited reasons for their indecision are a fear of needles and the permanence of the tattoo. We have some good news and bad news to offer these people. The good news is that there is now a way to get a non-permanent tattoo without the use of needles, the bad news is that you have to willingly be bit by bed bugs thousands of times to get the mark.

I think I’m going to stick to ink and needle, but if you’re interested in alternative tattoo options, or just want to watch someone get bitten by 1,000 bed bugs, check out this crazy video!

multiple bed bugs and eggs

Credit: 3drenderings/Shutterstock

Credit: 3drenderings/Shutterstock

Bed Bug Tattoo Gun

Check out more video footage fromHuffington Post.

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