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Tattooed Honies That Have Our Jaws on the Floor

Hide your screen from your boss!


What's better than hot girls? Hot chick with tattoos of course!

Since the 2000s there has been an upswing in perfect 10s that have a dirty, alt side. Thanks to sites like Suicide Girls, there's communities online to find these hardcore hotties with ink. These girls must have high standards when it comes to their tattoos and their men. Sigh. I bet they all like toned, tall dudes. We can dream, though.

Check out some of the hottest tattooed girls on Instagram!

sexy tattoo girl selfie in lingerie

Source: Instagram @tattooed_hunnies

Source: Instagram @tattooed_hunnies

Half and Half

Oh, jeez. The fact that she has only one covered in tats is so hot. Nice colors for her floral designs that don't look cluttered. Plus there's nothing like a girl with tons of long hair.

Highrise in my pants

How can you hate on lingerie. It's like a quick tease before you get down to business.

Real Girl?

Honestly, she's so awesome and perfect we think she's fake. Those freckles! It doesn't matter that her cool hair is covering up most of her ink.

Two Blondes

TWO tattooed honies?! Oh my! While they may have small bums, we appreciate a change in scenery.


Probably the coolest hand tattoo we've ever seen. On a perfect ten. Does eyes, doe.

Spin Cycle

She's pantiless because she's washing her underpants. Adoi! Or she just doesn't wear them ever.


We can appreciate that these tattooed honies love showing off large amounts of sideboob!