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Tattoos Most Likely to Get Removed

Ya done goofed?

Ya done goofed?

Even though we here it time and time again: Tattoos are permanent.

Some of us might not LOVE our some of our pieces as much anymore, but there are other who can't stand their ink. Maybe you got it while you were too drunk or too young. Whatever the reason, you're not alone.

Tattoo removal is getting better and faster. And there are artists who do some amazing cover-up work. And it's a good thing for the following people who do indeed have "regrats."

bad tattoo meme

Source: Instagram @yourtattoosucks

Source: Instagram @yourtattoosucks

Mispelled Foreign Characters

David Beckham has a misspelled tattoo: His is supposed to read "Victoria" in Hindi but instead reads "Vihctoria." Close enough? Always triple check a foreign language with different characters.

Want more bad tattoo ideas? Coming up now!