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The Big Man of Micro Tattoos! Gael Ricci

God is in the Details!

The dot work of French tattoo artist Gael Ricci is known internationally. Ricci is based in Sainte-Maxime and for years has been the go-to artist for Europeans looking for poetic designs and delicate creations utilizing dot work, fine lines and gradients. Noted for referencing fine art masters like Alexis Diaz, Dali and William Bouguereau in his work, Ricci has created a very distinctive style. Super clean dot work incorporated into complicated geometrics and angular portraits have already made Gael one of the most sought-after tat artists on the circuit, but recently Gael has been lending his intricate work into small, tiny and micro tattoos…and the reaction around the tattoo community have been explosive!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.02.08 PM

Photo via Inkedmag

VIDEO! The Big Man of Micro Tattoos! Gael Ricci