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The Latest Trend in Tattooing: Mirror Ink

Matching Tattoos For Yourself

Symmetry in art occurs when the various elements of a painting, drawing or sculpture are composed in such a way that they are perfectly balanced, creating an image that is aesthetically pleasing. The same is true for tattoos. Think about the Thai sak yant tattoo on the back of Cara Delevingne’s neck, which she debuted at her sister Poppy’s wedding in 2014. The intricate tattoo is perfectly symmetrical and its placement at the very center of the back of her neck makes the ink all the more aesthetically pleasing. Well, the latest trend in tattooing – mirrored ink – plays off of this concept of symmetry, but adds a twist for those who want a little variety in their ink.

 Tattoo done at New Addiction Tattoo (Fayetteville, NC).

Tattoo done at New Addiction Tattoo (Fayetteville, NC).

Sometimes They're Identical Tattoos

The thing about mirrored tattoos is that they aren’t always perfectly symmetrical. In fact, they often feature two different tattoo designs, but the designs are chosen for the way they balance one another, creating a sort of quasi-symmetry that makes them pleasing to the eye. In some cases, mirrored tattoos may feature an identical design like these foot tattoos of two crescent moons done by Paula.

Mirror Tattoos Complement One Another

Then, there are these colorful swallow tattoos by Alessandro Imparato, but for the sake of interest, most people opt for designs that are different, but complementary.

Sometimes They Just Go Well With One Another

These mirrored tattoos by Miss Sita, for example, feature two completely different flower designs, but their placement, size, coloring and style make them appear perfectly balanced.