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Tough Mudder Tattoos

There’s mud in your eye, and your mouth…and who knows where else. The Tough Mudder is here to separate the mortals from the, well, the really hardcore mortals. Greased monkey bars, barbed wire, ice water and electric shocks, it’s all in a days work for a Mudder like yourself. From the California Coastline, to the desert of Dubai, the Mudder knows no borders, and the lunatics who make minced meat of it’s physical and mental hurdles know no limits. So whether your fiending for five miles of agony, or a hundred miles of bone splitting nightmare fuel, the Mudder quite literally has you covered.

While people who run 5K get chintzy medals those who participate in Tough Mudder derive more satisfaction from besting the courses and often commemorate their wins with a Tough Mudder tattoo. The organization partnered with Inked to find deserved ink from the people who are so much more than just "weekend warriors."

And here's the best part: Tough Mudder rewards those with tattoos WITH FREE ENTRY TO ANY RACE! To-date, over 10,000+ participants have gotten Tough Mudder tattoos—that's a dedicated community;

Following is a gallery of people who have earned their ink through mud, sweat and tears. Check it out, and if you are daring enough, upcoming Mudders are here. Tackle the beast, get a tattoo and share it with us. We hope to see your ink in this gallery some day.