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UFC Fighter Mike Perry 'Shocked the World' With Face Tattoo

'I'm gonna keep shocking y'all.'

People get tattooed for all sorts of reason: to remind them of an important time in their lives, to commemorate loved ones, as a badge of devotion to a place, person or team, or simply because they love their artists' work. Others, like UFC welterweight fighter, Mike Perry, however, get tattoos strictly for shock value, as was the case with his latest addition to his ink collection: the word "platinum" tattooed right above his eyebrow.

 UFC fighter, Mike Perry, recently got a tattoo on his face. Photo: Instagram.

UFC fighter, Mike Perry, recently got a tattoo on his face. Photo: Instagram.

Ink With Some Shock Value!

During an interview with UFC Unfiltered, Perry explained his reasoning for getting inked above his eye. "It was after my UFC debut, I was like, 'Y'all let me in, I done shocked the world. Now, that you let me in, I'm gonna shock them again and get a tattoo on my face," the fighter said, adding, "I'm gonna keep shocking y'all."

A Fighter's Ink

Perry's face tattoo joins the collection of ink the fighter already has, such as the words "God's Gift" tattooed across his abdomen, a religious chest piece, the word "Warrior" tattooed under a bio-mech piece on his left arm with a multi-design sleeve beginning to form on his right arm, and the infamous dog's jaw tattooed on his left hand.

The Knockout Specialist

After losing his first fight back in December 2016 to Alan Jouban by unanimous decision, Perry recently came back in a major way by winning an April 22nd fight against Jake Ellenberger with a jaw-dropping elbow knockout.

Kicking A-- and Getting Inked

Let's see if this latest KO inspires some more shocking ink!