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Victoria Beckham is Gradually Removing Her Hebrew Spine Tattoo

It’s Almost Gone!

At the same time David Beckham appears to be competing for the Guinness World Record for most tattooed man, his wife is gradually removing one of her most prominent tattoos – a Hebrew piece on her back reading, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Known as much for the impossibly sexy tattoo running vertically down her spine as she is for her turn as Posh Spice in the hit ‘90s band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham, now a driving force in the fashion world, may be looking to give off a more polished, sophisticated vibe by getting her spine tattoo lasered off.

Victoria Beckham is chucking the deuces to the inked life it seems. Photo: Instagram.

Victoria Beckham is chucking the deuces to the inked life it seems. Photo: Instagram.

Barely Any Trace of a Tattoo Left

Victoria Beckham’s back tattoo was done in 2006, to commemorate hers and David’s sixth wedding anniversary, and the ink has remained a part of her signature look for years. But, while walking the pink carpet at the 2017 Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party on May 12, the designer’s back ink was nearly nonexistent, leading us to believe she is in the process of having the tattoo removed. The 43-year-old donned a gorgeous backless jumpsuit for the event and posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account, disappearing tattoo and all.

Still Going Strong

Some might say that Victoria Beckham removing her back tattoo is a sign that there is trouble in paradise for England’s hottest couple, but David Beckham revealed in a January 2017 interview that he and Victoria recently renewed their vows, so they appear to be as committed to one another as ever. If David starts removing his tattoos though, then we’ll really know something’s up.