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VIDEO! 7-11 — Slurpee’s and Tattoos! First Guy To Get Inked in Convenience Store!

A Slurpee and a “MOM” tattoo please!

These days convenience stores have become a throw-back to the pioneer days of the general store and the mining depot. You can get everything from medicine to soothe your aching stomach to condoms to baby food and everything in between. Thanks to an ever-changing, but steady supply of new immigrant groups, these stores are open twenty-four-seven, seven-days-a-week, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year.

In fact, some stores now offer services like tax preparation and immigration status help. So, what is the newest service to be offered in a 7-11 – that’s right! Tattoos!


7-11 tattoo Shop!

Tattoo Artist:
Herchell Carrasco @RockRollG