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VIDEO: Alby Rydes Has Curves That Kill

Alby Rydes deals with a lot of criticism, but after looking at this gallery it'll be clear that it's all just jealousy!

A body to die for

Alby Rydes is one of those women that your girlfriend doesn't want you to look at. But then you sneak in a peek anyway, you have to look, she's too attractive. Honestly, your girlfriend might not be able to hold it back either, she'll be looking too! At the end of this sexy gallery we've even included a video of her twerking her stuff that you'll probably want to see... Check it out!

alby rydes sexy selfie tattooed

Source: Instagram @albyrydes_

Source: Instagram @albyrydes_

Working it

As we promised, here she is showing off how she can twerk, and boy can she ever.

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