VIDEO GALLERY: 20 Awesome Tattoos


Rather than hit you with our typical–yet still awesome – photo galleries of tattoos, we kicked it up a notch, and brought you a video gallery of tattoos—straight from some of your favorite artists' Instagram pages. Check out some sick tattoo work produced by artists such as Arlo DiCristina, Jak Connolly, Rember Orellana and many other talented tattoo artists.

1. Kyle Cotterman

2. Laura Juan

3. Arlo DiCristina

4. Jose Perez, Jr.

5. Phil Garcia

6. Lucas Botero

7. Amayra

8. Bolo

9. A.B. Ink

10. Darwin Enriquez

11. Carlos Rojas

12. J.P. Alfonso

13. Szalai Tibi Tibor

14. Jay Freestyle

15. Fredao Oliveira

16. Juan Salgado

17. Jak Connolly

18. Kory Angarita

19. Sarah Miller

20. Rember Orellana