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Wild and Weird Superfan Tattoos

Devoted Fans and their Outlandish Tattoo Tributes

Folks have been known to get a bit foolhardy when it comes to showing love to their favorite celebrities and sports teams. Some build shrines to their icons with walls covered with photos or shelves jam-packed with memorabilia. However, there are those who take their devotion one giant step further by getting tattoos devoted to their idols. You may have heard of some of them: like the guy who got all covered up in Miley Cyrus-tribute tattoos, or the girl who did the same for Rihanna, and let's not forget about the girl with Drake's name tatted across her forehead. We found some other fans who have emblazoned their bodies with note- and cringeworthy tattoos dedicated to their favorite celebs and sports teams.

dallas cowboys fan tattoo