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Wiz Khalifa: Rolling Stoned

The Preeminent Pot Smoker Dishes on Weed and Tattoos

It’s Friday in Los Angeles, and somebody in Wiz Khalifa’s house is ready to party. Giddy squeals unfurl, punctuated here and there by a high-pitched giggle. The rapper is trying to stay focused on our phone conversation, but whoever’s bopping around his house has a case of "The Fridays" and clearly wants to share it with Wiz.

Just a few years ago, this scenario would’ve sparked a gossipy guessing game of what model or actress or singer—or all three, all at once—was shacking up with one of the most famous rappers in the world. But these days, a different sort of playmate has captured Wiz’s heart —his four-year-old son Sebastian, aka “Bash,” who’s currently getting the weekend started with his dad.

“I just love the shit out of my kid. The most recent tattoo I got was a pumpkin on my face. My son loves Halloween and pumpkins and I asked him what tattoo he wanted me to get and that was it. Anything for my boy,” the 29-year-old rapper says, bursting into his big trademark, honking bray of a laugh. “I put all of my time and energy into him. I’ve always been a very focused and determined person, but now I have something totally different to be focused and determined about.”

If anyone can afford to shift his attention away from his career a bit, it’s Wiz Khalifa. Starting with a slew of mixtapes released in the 2000s, the Pittsburgh native blazed a new path in rap and did so while, well, blazed. Dangling a never-ending joint from his fingers, he and his buddy from New Orleans, Curren$y, pioneered a novel approach to becoming a star in the age of the unstable music industry—touring and tweeting. Meanwhile, he also helped usher in a new, melodic style that softened the edges of rap by marrying traditional rhyming with singsong hooks. Together, the twinned strategies made Khalifa a very wealthy man: Last year he secured the No. 5 spot on Forbes's annual “Cash Kings” list with a net worth of $24 million.

Wiz Khalifa

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