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Yomico Moreno: Realism Tattoo Artist

Having been enthralled by art since childhood, Yomico Moreno always knew that art was his calling. He had been drawing, sketching and painting since a young age, but it was as a teen that Moreno would discover the art of tattooing when a tattoo shop opened up in his hometown of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Every day, Moreno stopped by the shop and became mesmerized by the artwork in the tattoo magazines he perused in the waiting area, and he was transfixed by seeing live tattoo work created by the artist at the shop. After countless visits to the shop, Moreno was convinced that he wanted to one day become a tattoo artist. And so, with this goal in mind, the budding artist left his pueblo—leaving behind his family and friends—and headed to the City of Valencia where tattooing was a bit more acceptable and accessible. There began the ink-filled journey for Moreno, who 14 years later is now part of the world famous Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, and one of the tattoo world’s most well-known and talented ink slingers.

Start up the slideshow below to check out our exclusive interview with Yomico and to see more of his awe-inspiring tattoo work!