You’re Hired! UK’s Hottest Tattoo Apprentice!


The Mighty Anna Quinn!

We’ve thrown the term Triple Threat around occasionally when we come upon a model who in addition to modeling also exhibits other talents. In this case we are ditching the Triple Threat label and slapping Anna Quinn with the sticker — Quadruple Threat!

That’s right, this stunning British redhead is a model, cosplayer and make-up artist, but now she is also making her mark as a tattoo artist. Granted, presently she is only in her apprenticeship, but her illustration skills are great and she has shown signs of developing a cool, abstract, watercolor tattoo style that she can call her own.

If you want to get work done by Anna stop by Ursa Major Tattoo Shop in Oxford, UK. If you want to see her cosplay hit a UK comic con and if you want to check out her hot pics, just stay right here!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.01.56 AM

 Photo via Michael White