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Zoe Kravitz’s New Leaf Hand Tattoos are Pure Perfection

Zoe Kravitz hits up celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, for her latest addition to her growing tattoo collection.

One of the most coveted tattoo artists in the game these days is Shamrock Social Club’s Dr. Woo, a master tattooist who specializes in miniature ink and fine-line designs, like the delicate micro leaf tattoos he recently inked on the backs of Zoe Kravitz’s hands. For some people (ahem, Miley Cyrus), having a bunch of tattoos on their hands and fingers just makes them look like a jumbled mess, but for Kravitz, the extensive ink she has on her hands, including these new filigree-style leaves, somehow adds to her already elevated levels of badass-ness.

Flip through the slideshow to check out Zoe's latest ink as well as the rest of her cool tattoos!