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10 Craziest Body Parts To Get Tattooed


Body Parts You Never Thought Could Be Tattooed

Just like in the fashion industry, tattoo trends, and styles, as well as possible body placement change over the years. Generally, the most common areas to get tattooed used to be arms, legs, and chest, are now the hands, fingers, feet, and head.

However, here are the top 10 craziest places on the body to get tattooed:

10. Teeth Tattoos 


Photo by Steven Heward

Yes, you read it right. There’s one guy in Utah who “tattoos” portraits on teeth. However, mostly crown or bridges, not your actual teeth, so, therefore, there’s zero pain involved. But the thought is still crazy and deserves place #10.

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9. Palm Tattoos 


Photo by Brody Polinsky 

Ouch would be probably the first thought that comes to mind when someone has a palm tattoo. However, although it's an intense spot to get tattooed (I have both of mine tattooed), which has a sensation between crying and laughing hysterically, the area numbs briefly and the worst is over within the first 20 minutes of tattooing. That’s why this spot ends up on #9.

Followed by:

8. Sole of Foot Tattoos


Photo By Celine

If you’re the ticklish type, this tattoo placement might be challenging. However, according to this lady (who by the way has an awesome body suit), this tattoo placement doesn’t hurt more than any other tattoo on the body. Although hard to believe that this doesn’t hurt, it might just tickle. This tattoo deserves place #8 for craziest body placements.

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7. Inside Lip Tattoo


Photo by Painted Hand Tattoo

The inside lip is definitely a crazy, but a popular spot to get tattooed. The pain is equivalent to a tickle that involves a lot of drooling since the lower lip is flipped and held down by the client while the artists' tattoos it. A well earned #7 on our list.

6. Tongue Tattoos


Photo and tattoo by Blame Max

Probably as comfortable as getting a tongue piercing, or inside lip tattoo.

“It’s weird because it didn’t hurt as much as you might think. I actually had it done 3 times and the ink just doesn’t want to stay. I think the most painful part about it was sticking my tongue out and rolling it over a pencil so the artist had a firm surface to tattoo,” according to Jack Viscious. “It’s such a small tattoo that there was barely time for it to be painful, I was however completely covered in drool.”

Definitely crazy and unusual. And for that, it deserves spot #6.

5. Fingernail Tattoo


Photo by Monah von Schroeder

That’s right. You read correctly. Also, not new either. Apparently a trend from the '80s, that became popular again. Good news; it doesn’t hurt, according to Jacci Stallone’s blog post for “Being Perfect is Hard.”

“It was a 0 on a pain scale of 0-10. Literally just felt like a strong buzzing vibration on top of [the]nail, and they did grow out over time," Stallone said. "The tattooer was Robert Enders and he tattoos out of Baker Street tattoo in media PA now.”

The thought, however, makes you cringe. Getting acrylic nails might be more painful, especially the removal. With this tattoo, you at least don’t need to get your nails painted.

4. Gum Tattoos


Photo by Kimberly Johnson /Tattoo done by Kadee Spangler

Looks great, feels… probably not so great.

“On a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 6 for the two middle teeth and a 2 for the other four. It was so insanely quick. Probably two seconds, “Kimberly Johnson said. “Two seconds for each dot and like four seconds for the x's. My eyes watered a little from the nerves it hit, just like when you get a nostril piercing. The heal was very easy. Just swished with water after eating or drinking anything that wasn't water.”

“First day or two it was just slightly raw feeling but hardly felt it at all. The mouth heals very fast. It's been about a month now and they've lightened a bit but they stuck in there pretty well! Kadee did an awesome job. Also, how I prepared myself before was brushed my teeth before I left home and used some mouthwash a few minutes before, as a courtesy to that artist really hah. Now I'm sure the pain level and everything is different to each individual, that was just my experience. Overall an easy experience that I would do again.”

3. Eyelid Tattoos


Photo by Body Craft/ Tattoo by Lee Whitey

Definitely, one of the more challenging spots to get tattooed. The artist has to go slow with the needle, over and over the design so it stays in, but without causing too much damage to the skin. Although scary it seems to be pretty popular according to social media sites.

"It really wasn't that painful it was more, weird and having the mentality to keep your eyes closed," Chris Cartel said. "On a scale for pain, I'd say a 2. It only took a matter of 15 mins from set up to finish. It does leave you with two black eyes and only someone who knows what they're doing should do this though cause if you go too deep you can go blind."

This deserves spot #3.

2. Roof of Mouth Tattoo


Not much can be said about that spot -except - it’s just crazy. You won’t encounter a lot of people having their roof of mouth tattooed because it’s a difficult spot to get tattooed. Not to mention the most uncomfortable one. Much deserved spot #2 on the list.

1. Eyeball Tattoos


Photo by Tattoographer

This is probably one of the craziest places to get tattooed on the body. In regards to pain,

“From [a] scale of 0 to 10 - I say it was 0. It was totally bearable for me. It was something I wanted since long and is an achievement. I was rather and still am amazed,” Tattoographer Karan said. “There is sensation during the procedure and a lot of sensitivity for a week or two afterward. It depends on the commitment and patience of the person which can keep him/her happy or drive insane. In my experience- totally bearable.”

Although, it looks insanely dope. According to BME News, there are a lot of precautions that go into an eyeball tattoo, that’s why this location on the body deserves spot #1.