10+ Tattoos That Will Get You Wasted


Sometimes the best company is your favorite drink

Are heavy partiers more likely to get tattoos or do people with tattoos have an innate gift for partying? This is the age-old question. Of course, like most inane, poorly thought out stereotypes, neither of these theories hold water. Not everyone with tattoos likes to party. Some of us just like to curl up and read a good book. Some of us play the cello. Contrary to what "polite society" might think, the personalities of people with ink are just as disparate and wide ranging as those of people without.

That being said, these tattoos are clearly ones that betray a love of partying and debauchery. From beer cans, to wine bottles, to spirits galore, the pictures below showcase a wide range of libations and the people who enjoy them. These tattoos are for people who love their favorite drinks so much, they can't bear to be without them, even when they're sober.