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10 Tips for Winning at Online Poker

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor

The growth of online gambling has doubled in the last 10 years with the latest statistics reporting almost 50 billion dollars being wagered in 2017 with the state of New Jersey leading the way for East Coast online gamblers to find a safe and legal way to wager. If you were one of those people who threw their money into that pot or you are thinking of dipping your toe into the online gambling pool there are some tips you should know.that can help you come out with pocketing a piece of that 50 billion at the end of each gaming session. The first is you should always check for a good casino bonus before you decide where to play.


Start low and slow!

This is true even for people who play high stakes poker in non-virtual casinos. The idea is for everyone and anyone new to online poker to become acquainted with the nuances of online poker. If you start with lower bets you can relieve yourself of some of the pressure of winning and concentrate on developing a strategy – one that may be slightly different than used in “live” gaming.

For the newbie, starting with lower stakes will undoubtedly prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to the point of not enjoying the experience and potentially missing out on a fun and potentially lucrative hobby.


The new aspects of playing online poker

There are a lot of features unique to online poker, including, the time bank feature. For some new players having to make decisions in an allotted amount of time is the biggest adjustment. This feature also means that a player will see more hands in an hour than he/she would in a conventional casino poker game.

Other features to become acquainted with are: the layout and lobby of the site, betting features, the cashier page, rake-back offers, and other bonuses.


Going single…table

Fight the temptation to jump right into multi-tabling. Sure, they are exciting and the potential to win big is greatly multiplied, however it would behoove you to develop a great understand of the game of online poker before moving over to multi-table play.


Time to concentrate by creating a distraction-free zone.

Most players take part in online play from the comfort of their own home. With that comes the urge to “entertain” oneself in between hands. The desire to watch television, jump on their phone or surf other sites on the web can prove to detrimental to you developing the skill needed to become a winning online poker player. If you are serious about winning you need to approach this as a professional and stay focused and try learning something from each and every hand played.


Consider making key hardware updates

In addition to setting up an environment that will be free of distractions and keep you in a “professional state of mind” your hardware is also equally important – especially a large monitor to decrease eye strain and a quick mouse with an ergonomic mouse pad to reduce wrist strain.

Positive work environment

Sparingly decorating your “work space” with small items that evoke positive emotions for your psyche can sometimes help you on the road to big wins. A music playlist that is inspirational and calming can help get you through a rough patch of losing hands. Mementos or pictures of family members can be inspirational and help you maintain a positive energy.

Using third party software to your advantage

The debate rages between players as to the usefulness and fairness of employing third party software. One of the most useful features of these software programs is for them to take on the task of remembering the playing habits of other players and being able to organize that information.


For instance, let’s say over the course of a few weeks you (and the software) began logging in certain players as “sharks” and these layers have been color coded red. One morning you log on to a table and boom, 6 of the 8 players at the table are “reds”. You intelligently decide not to join that unprofitable table.

Fee based and free software

Two of the most popular programs out there today are Hold Em Manager and Poker Tracker. The features offered are too numerous to list, but as mentioned earlier one of the keys in the software’s ability to remember. For instance, Hold’em Manager is their hand history replayer — the replayer has the ability to replay a cash session or entire tournament days after the event transpired. This can serve to be a great learning tool for the novice player.


Some of the best training software out there is actually free. free. Two of these are PokerStove which allows a user to calculate their equity versus a range and Universal Replayer which has a basic but fundamentally sound hand replaying function.

So, there you have some of the basics. By no means are we saying this is all you need to know to have a successful career with on line gaming. However, it does point you in the right direction AND if you find yourself becoming addicted to gaming and consistently losing we suggest you reach out to Gamblers Anonymous.