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20 Badass Seniors with Ink! Time and Tattoos Wait for No One!

OG’s with Tattoos!

Motorcycles. Rock and Roll. Tattoos. These are words that most people immediately equate to younger people. At least not people in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Well, here’s reality check for all you young whipper snappers. The twenty people you are about to meet are tatted up, some with way more ink than you and there are all waaaaay beyond this side of 55!

So, for all you knuckle heads who habitually ask, “Hey, what’s you ink going to look like when you’re older?” The answer is right here. And for your information it really doesn’t matter how well your ink holds up. You didn’t get tattooed to show off, you got your ink for you and what it signifies to you. Whether its still in vibrant color or now a blob of green.

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