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5 Great Mixed-Style Tattoo Artists

Amazing Tattoos Representing Two Styles in One

When it comes to tattoos and styles, the possibilities seem endless. As society changes and seems to be more liberal these days, tattoo artists like to experiment outside of their canvases and more and more try to transfer their artwork of mixed media and styles to their clients' skin. We are familiar with styles such as American traditional and photorealism, but there are so many different styles out there, that combine illustrative artwork with abstract and realism, as well as the art style "lowbrow," which is also known as pop surrealism and reminds of a combination of American traditional with hints of neo-traditional.

Each artist resembles a similar style but executed differently, which makes the piece unique to the artist and the customer. And every artist has a key element he or she is known for.


Photo via Sebastian Domaschke