A Body Modification Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

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Even the most extreme body modifications, like split tongues for example, can become commonplace after a while. The first time it's shocking, the second time it's surprising, but by the fifth time, it's just another cool thing that someone has done with their body. Something tells me that the modification performance artist Stelarc has gotten will become just another ho-hum thing. That's because Stelarc has an ear in the middle of his left forearm. No, not a tattoo of an ear, an actual ear.

man with ear on arm body modification

Source: Inked

Credit: Inked

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This is serious performance art!

The third ear is a project that the artist has been working on for almost 20 years. The primary reason that it has taken so long was the difficulty involved in finding doctors willing to perform the necessary surgery to implant the ear.

The ear is not just a simple dermal implant for aesthetic purposes; it is made with a scaffold that allowed tissue and blood vessels to develop within it. In addition to the aforementioned microphone, additional surgeries will need to be performed to raise the ear off the arm a bit more and to add a lobe through the use of Stelarc's stem cells, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company.