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Amazing Inked Sugar Art! Tattoos Become Cakes!

Too Beautiful to Eat!

This is a project that has been almost a year in the making and the results were sure worth the wait! The Inked Sugar Art project was the brainchild of Mayra Prado Estrada and Cassandra Rice, her co-admin, and the former editor of Inked magazine Rocky Rakovic. When Rocky gave the green light almost year ago, Mayra took on the task of assembling some of the most talented cake creators from around the world and posing them with the challenge, "Create a tattoo inspired cake!" Well, I am sure Mayra knew what to expect, but we have to admit we were floored by the quality of cakes that were created for this project.

So, without further ado , meet the these amazing artists and their incredible works of sugar!

Adela Joann Calvo

selfie without logo

My name is Adela, and though I was born in London, UK, I have been living in Spain since I was 6. Art and sculpture have fascinated me ever since I can remember and for this reason I did a degree in Art at Salamanca University, specializing in sculpture and design. My other passions are teaching and cake design, and although in 2007 I opened a school of art, I have now combined all three passion since 2013 together with my sister, Andrea we opened Delicut Cakes which today has become Artym.



inspiration (2)
inspiration (1)

In this collaboration I have chosen Samantha Smith as my inspiration since I find all her work eye-opening and magical. In my piece, I have recreated 11 of her tattoos.

1ful frontal withlogo

Business: Artym. Website:

Facebook page:
Location: Santander, Spain

Adelina Baicu


My name is Adelina Baicu, I live in Rome, Italy with my husband and our son and I work as a cake designer in a modern bakery in my area. I mainly make celebration and themed cakes but my biggest passion is creating unique designs, artistic representations and figure sculpting.

My project for the Inked Sugar Art collaboration was a total revelation, a huge learning process and a total artistic fulfillment. The art of tattoo is so unique and different from all the styles I have approached so far and Hannah Flowers, my inspiration artist, made it even more impressive with her trade-mark neo-traditionalist style.


From classic imagery to innovative creations her work is one of the best worldwide, easily recognized with the shading and composition being two standout features.
Instagram: adelina_baicu_cakeartist


I got completely mesmerized by Hannah's designs and choosing one in particular proved to be an extremely difficult task but the charm and mystery of the chandelier lady stole my heart in the end. I used the bas relief technique to give her more dimension combined with 3d details and, of course, lots of shading.


I hope my interpretation did justice to this amazing artist and managed not to alter the quirky charm of this particular design.

Claire Anderson

Claire - tutor pic

Claire Anderson of Clairella Cakes has been working & teaching within the cake industry for the last 9 years. She is a multi-award winning cake artist who is well known for her stunning airbrushed cakes & product range. Claire tutors her signature airbrushing style in the UK & internationally, with students coming from all over the world to attend her classes.

Tatto Indian Girl Pic CC
Indian girl tattoo

Claire’s cake design was inspired by the wonderful tattoo artist – Moni Marino
Instagram: clairella_cakes

Emilia Joyce Calvo

Emilia Calvo-Emily Cakes headshot nologo (5)

I have always been interested in baking and art, and have specialised in flower-making thanks to which I have won various prizes and awards. I have had the pleasure of creating various tutorials for Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating and ICES International Cake Exploration Societé. My curiosity has led me to explore other fields which I find fascinating such as sculpture, painting, illustration and of course tattoos. After searching for inspiration from so many sources and fabulous artists, I opted for the tattooed hand by Mark Reed from Evolve-Tattoos Lancaster in the UK, as it reminded me of one of my favourite movies, Terminator.

inspirationtattoo by Evolve Ink Lancaster
with logo 1 emily calvo

Business name: Emily Cakes (ex Delicut Cakes). Country: Spain

Enrique Rojas

ER Headshot

Originally trained as an Architect I have always been somehow connected to the World of Baking and Sugarcraft through family and friends. HAVE+SOME+CAKE was founded in Birmingham, United Kingdom around 4 years ago. My speciality would be Wedding Cakes and big Celebration. Being trained in Architecture before I like to put a spin to everything I do design wise. For me it is important a concept, that the whole Design speaks back to me and that it is Also a beautiful object.


The Tattoo attracted me because of the elements depicted in it, one of them which reminded me of Astronomical Maps .In this case of Birds Constellations, hence the name of it being ALTAIR or Flying Bird which is the brightest star of Aquila [Eagle] Constellation. Everything is Edible in this Piece [ It’s real Cake ] and I wanted the piece to have some movement and flow in the Wings of the Birds.


The Tattoo other predominant element is the “Sketch” look with extended lines and geometrical look which I wanted to come out from 2D to 3D elements in the shape of shards or feathers in the wings and body. Finally we have the Black and White dots linked around by hand drawn lines and dry spaghetti sections like a map of the stars.

Business Name: HAVE+SOME+CAKE

Fatiha Kadi

I am Fatiha Kadi from Hungary. I am a cake designer since 2012. I prepare handpainted, hyper realistic airbrushed, and of corse, modelling cakes. I’ve been teaching for 5 years how to modelling and painting on cakes.


I always love the history, and the old cultures. I respect very much the tradition and the wiseness of these people like maya, aztec or the native americans spirit. When I found this tattoo, I knew - this is it!


I wanted mixing the techniques, so I use 2D with 3D effects. I worked with airbrush, hand painting and modeling skills.

Fatiha Kadi tattoo

Tattoo by Daniel Armitag
Location: Budapest- Hungary Website:
Instagram: fatihakadi

Gülçin Tekkaş

INK Gulcin

Pastry, which I am trying to carry out together with journalism, and text authorship, was a therapy based hobby for me at first. However, I realized that pastry is a good ground (to be honest a good canvas) to express myself, and in order to move my pastry knowledge to a higher level, I began to get training from several masters. When I started to convey my painting ability to cakes and cookies, I realized that I could move on in this field. In 2015.

GU 1

For a period, I took on a task in Istanbul Professional Chefs Association (ISPAD) and Boutique Pastry Club Founding President. In November 2017, I became one of Turkish artists representing our country in a collaboration named “Egypt, Land of Mystery”, which is carried out by Ghada Elsehemy, who is a Egyptian descent, Canadian cake artist. I also got involved in “I Love 80’s”Cake Collaboration which is organized by a local group named 5IZ.

GU 2

While researching tattoos to find my inspiration, I realized that the body was used like a canvas. It gave me unlimited possibilities in terms of creativity. Since I liked so many designs, I choose to make a collage with the ones I liked the most. While designing my cake, I imagined a tattoo artist getting inspired and drawing out their designs draws from inspiration. I selected a few tattoo studios for my design, Gypsy for Ben Teniele Sadd Tattoo Fanpage, bulldog @jeroenteunen, cat @goyotattooart, Scullent Hedgehog @kellylahar and the composition with horse was created by me. I made some of the drawings from the original photographs of the artists by combining with flowers.

GU 3

Also, I share the developments in the sector on my facebook page named "Pasta Cenneti", and I share my painted designs on facebook page named Ar De Ca Artsy Design Cakes by Gulcin Tekkas.


I express my sincere thanks to dear Mayro Prado Estrada, who invited me to her Inked Sugar Art Collaboration and to my beloved collection friends who shared the same excitements with me and to my unique daughter Gökçe Bayramıçlılarand my nephew Gökberk Gökselfor the English Translation.



Jennifer Kennedy


I am Jennifer Kennedy and I am the owner of Jenny's ‪Haute Cakes just south of Denver Colorado. I have been making cakes for 6 years. I specialize in novelty cakes. I got started as a hobby baker, creating cakes for my kids. I have had cakes published in magazines around the world.

Torso Front 1

I love reading and I love science fiction. Ray Bradbury’s award winning 1951 classic, ”The Illustrated Man”, is one of my favorite books. The author tells a story of a middle-aged carnival man who was tattooed over his entire body by a time-traveling witch. At night, if you look at the illustrations, they begin to move and tell a complete story. On the man’s shoulder was one tattoo that just looked like a jumble of colors. However, when the viewer stared at it the colors would take shape. They would tell the person’s future, including a preview of their own death.

Close Up The Highway

The tattoos became a curse to the man and prevented him from keeping a job. In the book, the Illustrated Man comes across a drifter who looks at all the tattoos and sees them come to life. The book is a collection of 18 stories from the tattoos. My piece is a sculpture of the Illustrated Man, emerging from the Bradbury book. The edible book and sculpture are created with fondant, modeling chocolate, isomalt, Rice Krispies treats, and food color based paints. I have hand painted an illustration for each of the 18 stories in the book, and created a few additional tattoos based on the author’s descriptions in the prologue. To represent the stories coming to life, I have created some of the images in bas relief and three dimensions. While my illustrations are based on the stories in the book (as I imagine them), not on the work of any particular tattoo artist, I did extensive research on tattoo art by many, many artists as a reference for creating my designs.

Full Length angle 2

Photo Credit: Amie Jenkins Velasco

Jenny's Haute Cakes Denver, Colorado


Instagram: jennys_haute_cakes Twitter: @JJJKenn

Karen Keaney


Karen Keaney is the founder and owner of Roses and Bows Cakery. With a background in art, and an accomplished baker, Karen is a international award winning cake designer. She is also a proud member of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland and an brand ambassador for Satin Ice. Karen is also a judge at Cake International.

Known for her airbrushing skills, sculpted cakes and detailed tiered designs her unique approach to cake design has accumulated many awards including several Best In Show awards, Cake Masters Sculpted Cake Artist of the Year Award and has been named as one of the top ten Cake Artists at The New York Cake Show.


Karen regularly contributes to Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine, Party Cakes Magazine, and has been published in Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decoarting Magazine and YesChef magazine. She also teaches her skills worldwide in live classes her own online cake school

For this Collab I decided to combine my love of Steampunk and my love of Tattoos. I got my first tattoo at 15 and it’s been an addiction ever since. It stands a5 12 inches tall and is completely made from chocolate. I loved creating this piece for the Collab and now I’m thinking how cool it would look as a tattoo!

Instagram: rosesandbowscakery

Malizia Katia

Portrait painter, interior decorator, trompe l'oeil, ceramic, mosaic, painting restoration. In 2010, I had a chance encounter with the world of Cake and I was fascinated by this new art form which led to the idea of merging portraits and cakes. This technique distinguishes me as the only portraitist on sugar paste. Katia Malizia teaches and collaborates with pastry chefs, wedding planners and Onlus Associations. She participated in all national and international events dedicated to Cake designer. Katia Malizia believes that creating gives the possibility to realize an idea, but passion and love can transform it into a work of art.

1 io e logo


lady and warrior woman KM

Facebook personal page Facebook work page Mail:

Krisztina Kiss-Podmaniczky


My name is Krisztina Kiss-Podmaniczky, my artist name is Kricky. I am an extreme cake designer from Hungary, Komárom.

I use airbrush to make my cakes. I love to make realistic cakes wich looks like real but all of them are sugar.


My tattoo inspiration was a Butterfly by Ewa Sroka , because I love butterfly and this tattoo image is very modern. The water color effect is very interesting to make it with food coloring.


Louise Vincent


I am a cake designer based in Dorchester, Dorset, uk and specialize in hand painted cakes and wanted to find a tattoo design that would really work with my medium of edible food dusts and cocoa butter. When I saw this tattoo by Jefree Naderali I knew it was the one, I fell in love with it.

Tattoo Image

I wanted to try to recreate the artwork as accurately as I could. I decided to use the shape of the tattoo as the shape of the cake, using an internal structure to support the shape.

Rose_On_The_Cake (4)

This is definitely my favorite creation to date, I am thrilled to be a part of this collaboration celebrating tattoo art.
Instagram: theroseonthecake

Mayra Estrada


My name is Mayra Estrada. I am married and have one son and two grandchildren. I’ve always had a passion for artistic things but never really considered cake decorating. In 2011, I decided to take the Wilton courses as a hobby. What started out as a hobby as flourished into a passion and I stated Cake Creations by ME in 2012.


Tattoo by Dustin Zane Poole at Studio Phi Tattoo.

I have been published in worldwide magazines, Cake Central, American Cake Decorating & Cake Crafts & Decoration, DIY Wedding, & Pretty Whitty.


I have won two 1stplace awards in the Wedding Category at LA Cookie Con, 2016 & 2017.


I fell in love with all the elements in my choice of tattoo. I have always loved Koi fish. In creating my tattoo, I wanted to use dimensions with 2D & 3D effects in order to really have the tattoo stand out. I created my own stencil carved from a printout of the tattoo in order to apply the black shading with edible gel & powder dust then created the 2D & 3D effects using a variety of edible mediums, rice krispies, modeling chocolate and fondant.

I found my tattoo on Pinterest and was not able to locate the artist.

Cake Creations by ME Granada Hills, CA

Instagram: @cakecreationsbyme
Twitter: @CakeCreationsME

Nathasja Flapper


Nathasja Flapper is a self-taught cake artist from Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands.
She started making cakes for fun and friends in 2013 and in 2015 she started her business in teaching cake art; Flappergasted Cakes.
Her artistic skill set varies from complex modelling to realistic sculpted animal cakes, of which her animals and texture techniques are most recognizable.


She has won multiple gold awards and first prizes in cake competitions and her work has been featured in many international magazines and blogs. To highlight her career, she has been a finalist at the Cake Masters Awards in 2016 and again in 2017 in category Novelty Cake. At the end of 2017, she started a brand new cake school, shop and cakery with her partner in crime Mariska and so Next Level Cakes was born.


Nathasja still runs classes in and outside of the Netherlands.

Next Level Cakes, Netherlands

Flappergasted Cakes, Netherlands

Original artist : Matias Noble
Products used to recreate in 3D edible art: Renshaw Extra ready to roll fondant
Rainbow dust, Plain&Simple Black Magic

Petra Krátká


Czech Cake artist Petra Krátká comes from a small town called Bystřice pod Hostýnem. There she grew up with her family and discovered the beauty of creation and design. At grammar school the love for baking and sugar art became more and more important for her.

Now she is a professional with never-ending passion for that sweet job. Among her works belongs wedding cakes, sweet bars, different kinds of desserts and many more. Every single piece is made by different techniques like painting, airbrushing, modeling combined with new trends. Petra is doing her magic under the brand Petu Cakes which is guarantee of quality and great taste.

tattoo inspiration

I admire Japan, its culture and art my whole life. That’s why I chose a Japanese Dragon Tattoo by Leu Family Iron for my work. For the same reason I also chose Geisha. I tried to revive the dragon a little.


It is half-painted and half-modeled, the lower part of the dragon's body emerges from Geisha’s back. I think entourage is also characteristic because of fan or painted sakura and mountains… I used modeling sugar paste, edible paper, liquid colors and dust colors.


Instagram: petucakes

Sofia Raposo

Headshot + logo

Hi, I am Sofia Raposo, the cake artist behind the Sophia Fox Sugar Artist, and I am from Portugal, Seixal. From an early age, I developed a great passion for the arts.

In 2006 I've graduated in architecture, area over which I have 8 years of professional experience. I discovered the world of creative pastry in 2012 and I have fallen in love.


Since then I had successfully participated in national and international competitions and I have been published in Cake Art Magazines. Four years ago I opened a school of Cake Art here in Portugal, the "Sophia Fox Cake Art Studio" , and since 2013 I have been teaching modeling , painting and textured cakes and wafer paper flowers here and in other Countries.

My piece is inspired in one of the amazing tattoos of Lena Art. It's a magical tattoo composed with 2 enchanted environments in just one piece. The colors, the gradients and the ambience make her just perfect.

Inspiration Tattoo

So, for my work I projected a painted cake with 2 backgrounds, trying to capture the tridimensional of the tattoo. The rosemary flowers just add the final touch to the cake.

Materials: - Renshaw Paste - Rainbow Dust Colours - Innovative Sugarworks
Business Name: Sophia Fox Sugar Artist
Instagram: @fox_sophia

Tattoo Artist: Lena Art

Lena Art Headshot

Vasilije Vasiljevic

Vasilije Vasiljevic

My name is Vasilije Vasiljevic, from Belgrade, Serbia. I graduate from pastry school and became apprentice in one of the oldest patisseries in Belgrade soon after. For the last decade I’m pastry chef and co-owner of “Nasa Mala Zavrzlama” patisserie (“Our little tangled store”). My hobbies are painting and photography. I’m finding inspiration everywhere around me, and I’m trying to put my personal stamp in all my sweet creations, mixing cake decoration with painting.


My inspiration was tattoo from Arlo Dicristina (

I like his style because he use dark colors and his tattoos have some mystical vibe.

Vasilije Vasiljevic-Nasa Mala Zavrzlama-Photos.1

For this cake I use base-relief technique with lace and silicone moulds, dark colors and add some shadows with gold and bronze colors.

Center piece is 2d application of a girl. Everything is hand-painted and feathers are made from wafer paper.

Vasilije Vasiljevic-Nasa Mala Zavrzlama-Photos 3

Click the photo below to see the video!

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 5.09.16 PM